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A New Eirdon Book...

Presented in an unusual way, through Kindle Vella.

No, it isn't the final of "The Big Four", in other words, The Prophecy Series, which consists of Weaving Man, Love and Sacrifice, Eirdon and the forthcoming The Light At The Top Of The World. The book that has just gone live on Kindle Vellum is Same Light, which is an ancillary book of The Prophecy Series, and concentrates on the backstories of Kaymar and Ifor as well as some of their unpublished adventures.

If you haven't heard of Kindle Vellum, it's a new way of presenting longer works like short story anthologies, novellas of full-length novels. The chapters/stories/episodes are published like an old style newspaper serial - one episode at a time. The first three episodes are free of charge - after that, Kindle Vella has a token-purchase system.

At the moment, Amazon is starting new readers out with 200 free tokens after they've already read the three free episodes. The number of tokens a specific episode costs depends on the word-count of the episode, so longer episodes are more than shorter ones.

So that's good inspiration to give Same Light a try, if curiosity about what went into making Kaymar and Ifor the dynamic personal and professional team they are isn't enough!

To sample the first three chapters of Same Light, go to .

Also, take advantage of the free 200 tokens while they're still available. At this point, the chapters are coming out weekly. You could get into a few more chapters before beginning with the paid token system!

If you enjoy the chapters, you have the opportunity to review them or give them a "thumbs up". This is very helpful for Amazon authors and does a lot to get our books displayed to potential customers.

Trigger Warning:

If you've read any of The Prophecy Series books (you wouldn't be here if you hadn't), you will know that Kaymar was groomed and sexually abused by a tutor as a young boy, between the ages of seven and twelve. Same Light is like the other books in The Prophecy Series, in that it qualifies as "clean", with no explicit sex scenes, but to know Kaymar is to know this happened to him. There are no depictions of this sexual relationship in Same Light, but it is alluded to. There is no way to write about Kaymar without referring to this happening in his past, because in many ways it set off the concatenation of circumstances that went into making Kaymar into the adult we come to know in The Prophecy Series.

If this could be triggering for you, please protect yourself.

I hope you enjoy Same Light in the Kindle Vella format!

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