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A lot of my posts on my Facebook Author Page involve giving readers an idea of how I visualize The Eirdon Books characters. Of course, these are only my images of the Eirdon "folk", and they don't necessarily jive with the image a reader conjures up when they read about Katrin, Hemmett, Borsen or any of the many other characters who weave in and out of the fabric that is The Prophecy Series.

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I usually search for Victorian/Edwardian era photos that somewhat resemble how I see the Eirdon characters. It saves much time that I can spend on writing. I'm a sold artist as well as a writer (with a full time day job as well), but it's been years since I've been able to spare time for drawing or painting. I could draw exactly what I see in my mind for each character, but if I did that, we'd still be halfway through writing Weaving Man - not a good situation!

At this point, I'm also searching out Gilded Era and Early Modern photos as well, and "Klemps" are becoming more sophisticated and common in the timeline of the books. Clothing changes as well - Katrin, being very practical at heart, is one for clothing being comfortable and suitable, and jumped up and clicked her heels when Borsen began designing women's clothing with hemlines above the ankle! So you will see a progression of appearances and changes with time, as the young folk of Eirdon: Book Three grow up and claim their lives.

Hover over each image for the character name

Once in a great while, I "antique" a contemporary photo, though I prefer not to - but there really aren't too many antique photos of blue-eyed Thrun on the Internet, just as there are no farlins, feschats or leorands. (What's a leorand? That's in the next book!) Nor are there are old photos of Forest People! This is where I have to get arty - and I don't spend hours in Photoshop or drawing, because I spend most of my work-free time with the manuscript for The Light At The Top Of The World.

So that's the story behind the photos that appear on the Facebook author page. One thing to remember - none of this is chiseled in stone. These are people who lived long ago (for the most part), who resemble what I see in my head when I think of a character. Every detail isn't exact, the clothing isn't really what I see - but it gives you an idea of how I envision these people, their demeanor, their souls. Your mileage may vary. I'm always glad to see other folks' visions of my characters. Feel free, when visiting the Facebook Author page, to post a photo or other image of how you feel a character would look. It's interesting to me to see how my folks bloom in my readers minds and it sometimes opens my mind to potential in the characters that I never saw before.

And no, I don't fuss at people online and I don't send scathing private messages either! So have no fear. I like to think that the Facebook page and this website are safe places.

copyright Tove Foss Ford, 6/19/2020

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