• Tove Foss Ford

Blue Sky, Winter Morning Thoughts

Tharan T'ul goes out every morning for his daily ritual of blessing the planet Eirdon. Nothing keeps him from this duty - weather, grassfires, personal loss, illness, sorrow, fear - these obstacles are overcome by his deep self-discipline and acceptance of his duty to all people and the world.

Still, this lovely, early summer morning, with the soft mist kissing his feet and ankles, the young grass whispering with the voices of those loved ones on the other side, makes duty more than duty. On this day, the ritual of blessing of the world and all its inhabitants, is a joy and revelation.

Today, where I mark the beginning of a year of lockdown, obstacles, deep losses and difficulties, a rare blue winter sky made me think of this vignette I created of Tharan T'ul preparing for his daily ritual - and of the Thrun saying, "We go on from here."

There is no changing the past, but our perseverance, patience and optimism can make our personal realities brighter. There are things to be done, meals to enjoy, people to love, futures to plan.

We go on from here.

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