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Eirdon: Book Three of the Prophecy Series Finally Sees the Light!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I can remember when it was considered a guarantee of quality in a movie when the advertisements were headed with the gaspy headline: "Five Years in the Making!" That was a big draw in the 1960's, where movies were made largely on location and might take years to bring to fruition.


That's not such a great thing anymore, particularly if you're waiting for a book in a series to come out.

To be honest, I feel quite apologetic about the time it took me to get Eirdon to print. Initially, I had believed that, since the novel was largely written already, in rough form, it would be a breeze to put it all together.

How wrong can you be?

A little history - Eirdon was the first of the Prophecy Series books conceived, growing from a short story begun by my ex-husband, the Brian D. Ford who is mentioned on all the title pages of this series. I had an inspiration for the first two books in the series, Weaving Man and Love and Sacrifice, which are entirely my own work. I got those completed and up for sale on Amazon.

Then, I thought I would have a lark taking the nearly complete manuscript of Eirdon, do a bit of vetting and polishing, then have it out in record time.

Imagine trying to put a car together out of a conglomeration of parts. It's a complex car, but you're looking at parts for all sorts of vehicles. Some of them make sense - more don't.

The manuscript I had for Eirdon, which I thought I could sort out in a short amount of time, was actually a patchwork of bits and pieces, written by two people with different writing styles. Since it was started before Weaving Man and Love and Sacrifice, it no longer followed directly from them.

Characters had changed. New characters had appeared. Concepts and plotlines had diverged. Getting the Eirdon manuscript ready for print turned out not to be a matter of smoothing out the writing styles and checking for typos. I had forgotten something about that original manuscript.

It didn't have a middle. That had always been a problem when working on it - there was a big bang of a beginning and an epic ending - and no real middle. Just some "happy families" type notes about the family of Katrin, Queen of Mordania.

There were tons of loose ends, there were terrible plot holes and chapters that really didn't accomplish a lot. In other words, the roughest of rough drafts, with the complication of being outdated patchwork, with differing viewpoints and intentions - written on a variety of versions of MS Word, on several different computers (the perfect recipe for horrific formatting problems when it comes to getting a manuscript ready to print).

I worked for a year or better trying to make something of the rough draft. I finally managed to tie it together and make it coherent. It was one of the hardest writing jobs I'd ever taken on. I thought I had something worth putting out there.

Then, I gave in to the temptation to read through it just one more time.

It wasn't good enough. It was good - but not at a level with Weaving Man and Love and Sacrifice.

Eirdon is the pivotal book in the four book Prophecy Series. It is the axis of the story arc and it simply could not be an "okay" book - but what I had wasn't anything but okay.

Realizing that as long as I was dealing with patchworked bits and pieces, I would never find the "voice" for Eirdon, I deleted the entire manuscript. Then, with the story very strong in my mind, I started from scratch.

Many new things came along, once I freed myself from that old rough draft. Characters appeared, situations blossomed, loves were found and lost, a planet faced annihilation.

I have done nothing for two years but spend every spare moment I have on Eirdon. I made the mistake (which I never shall again) of estimating a timeframe for publication. That led to me disappointing many people and probably losing readers. Lesson learned. I will never do that again, because the truth be told, none of us ever knows what lies ahead of us.

There were serious health problems, both for myself and for a family member - they had to take precedence. I'm getting older, of course - sometimes, after coming home from the job, it's all I can do to go and work several more hours. But this is what I did during that time, desperate to keep the promise to get the book out as soon as possible.

Then I realized - all I could do was work until the book was finished and good enough for print.

So, I went to ground and that was ALL I did. All vacations were planned around staying home with the book. Evenings, after my day job - the same. Weekends. Holidays.

I've lived and breathed Eirdon for three years. I'm glad to send it on its way, and hope it brings people the delight the first two books did. There is no more I can do to make the book more than it is right now.

It's available, in e-book and paperback on

It may also be read as a Kindle Unlimited book, included in your pre-paid membership.

I so hope you enjoy it.

I'm busy on the next book now.

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