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What Comes After The Prophecy Series?

I've had a few questions about what will happen when The Prophecy Series is finished, and some folks have assumed that Eirdon is the end of the series. This is understandable, as trilogies are part and parcel of fantasy reading and writing - but I've never been known to go along with the rules. So I'd like to give you all an idea of what is to come regarding the Eirdon Books.

I'm currently working on the fourth and final book of The Prophecy Series, which consists of Weaving Man, Love and Sacrifice, Eirdon and The Light At The Top Of The World. I refer to these books as The Big Four, for two reasons.

One, The Big Four are physically huge books, all numbering over 700 pages. They are epic sagas with many characters and multiple, complex story arcs. They are four parts of an enormous story arc that spans eighty years.

Two, The Big Four establishes the "canon" for the world of Eirdon, defining everything from the world's geography to the spiritual beliefs of the planet's inhabitants. The Big Four are the heartwood of what will become multiple series, all based on this strange and mysterious world.

In other words, I have no intention of leaving the Eirdon universe. There are plans afoot for many more, shorter books. I've enjoyed, as I'm self-published, being able to write a book with just as many words as it needs to be properly expressed, without a publisher standing over my shoulder, telling me that I have to cut out vital chapters to satisfy a bottom line. I've proven that a book can go over 350 pages and still have a readership. I always smile when someone reviews one of The Big Four and mentions that it was a "quick read". If I've managed to make someone feel that about over 700 pages, I know I've found a way to keep attention engaged!

So, just a little idea of what will be coming up - and let me say right away, that after really upsetting and disappointing a lot of people by predicting a publication date for Eirdon, I will never again venture to say when a book will be published. It isn't fair to anyone involved if something comes up and I can't keep my estimated publication date. If I were able to stop working fulltime, I could crank books out in record time, but trying to sandwich writing in on weekends and at night - I just can't turn things out as fast as I could wish.

So, God willin' and if the creek don't rise, this is what I plan to be doing:

Next and last of The Big Four, The Light At The Top Of The World completes the

story of The Prophecy of the Thrun and how it affects Katrin of Mordania and her family. A lot of mysteries are solved in this book, all loose ends are tied up and characters fulfill whatever their destinies are to be. Epic journeys, physical and spiritual are part and parcel of this story. And, not to be a spoiler, that's all I'm going to say about that.

So then what? How about multiple series of books that are shorter, more average novel size? Much as I've loved writing these big muncher books, I'm looking forward to getting through a book more quickly and writing a more direct storyline with fewer characters.

And yes, these series will fill in about various characters who aren't so finely drawn as the major players in The Prophecy Series. In the planning stages are:

The Queens Series - five books:

  • The Great Glorantha (Mordania's first queen, who overturned the original Surelian Invasion)

  • Clearheart (Mordania's beloved, iconic queen, killed in the Second Surelian Invasion)

  • The Wise (Morghenna the Wise, Queen Clearheart's daughter, who drove the Surelians out of Mordania a second and final time)

  • The Terrible (Morghenna the Terrible, a queen who found herself in a position where being "the Terrible" was the only way to guarantee her own survival)

  • Ironhand (Morghenna VIII, Katrin's mother, the enigmatic queen who was entirely misunderstood by her peers)

The Assassins Series - four books

  • The Surelian Solution (Menders fans, take heart! This is the prequel to the events of Weaving Man, so plenty of the current rogues' gallery will be there.

  • Gladdy D: The Amazing Journey of Gladdas Dalmanthea (Come on, I couldn't let our Glad just drift off into the ether - now you'll know the whole story of this enigmatic gal.)

  • Dark Promise (Morshall Komroff, later the Commandant of the Mordanian Military Academy and his partner, Ranfeld.)

  • Partners (The story of Ifor and his original partner, Falk.)

There is also a "parallelquel", a book that runs in the same timeline as The Big Four, Same Light, which gives backstory on Kaymar and Ifor and lets us know just what those fellows were up to during the years they were "ambassadors".

So have no fear - the end is not near. Not at all.

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