The Light At The Top Of The World


Tove Foss Ford

The young genius, Dahrien Rondheim-Menders is becoming Eirdon's foremost scientist and explorer. Driven by his desire to find a cure for his father, he has traveled into almost every part of Eirdon, seeking knowledge or medicine that will restore Borsen's shattered health.

His searching turns up more questions than answers and leads him to question the accepted scientific theories of the origins of Eirdon's population. 

Thrun legends of people brought to Eirdon in a falling star lead Dahrien on an epic and perilous adventure to  The Light At The Top Of The World.

Meanwhile, Borsen struggles to live long enough to see his beloved son's return from his expedition - and to know if he must make a terrible choice, driven by the Prophecy that has circumscribed his life.